Artist Statement

Who am I, and what do I create?

I am an emerging 3D artist specialising in welded metal sculptures. They are constructed from recycled or discarded metals of a mechanical nature.

My aim is to use these recycled metals to create familiar and abstract objects. For that reason, each piece is unique, and individually crafted based on the material I have at hand.

What inspires my artwork?

Inspiration for my artwork comes from my passion of four things;

  • engineering
  • music
  • motorcycle racing
  • the shape and form of the human skull.

My artwork engages subjects as diverse as heavy metal, modern garden sculpture, musical instruments and death.

I try to keep the recycled object’s original shape hence the sculpture can be viewed as both a collection of individual parts, and as an artistic singularity.

Over the years I have found the additive process of welding metal an organic experience that enhances and promotes creative freedom. Furthermore, working in multiple dimensions and the immediacy of the additive process of welding metal is extremely fulfilling. As a result, combining metal, stone, concrete, and other natural and industrial materials opens limitless sculptural horizons.


Welded metal guitar sculptures by Brisbane 3D Artist Paul Tinson

Welded metal guitar sculptures by Brisbane 3D Artist Paul Tinson, visual art by jmac-art


My History

With a background in engineering and composite fabrication, my artistic history started quite late in life.

In 2015 I was asked to be a guest artist for an exhibition called Depths & Shallows. In this oceanic-themed exhibition I explored the use of recycled materials, such as bicycles and pallet wood. As a result, I created a series of artworks that depicted fish in the sea existing amongst the detritus of human and industrial waste.

In 2017 I co-curated an art exhibition celebrating the musicians and culture of heavy metal. In this exhibition I created a series of DEADHEADS; a concrete moulded skull with a welded “exoskeleton” structure around the skull. Skulls are synonymous with heavy metal and my collection of DEADHEADS are continually evolving as I explore my fascination of the form of the human skull. Furthermore, I created a series of life-size welded guitars popularised by iconic guitarists from the world of rock and heavy metal. Made entirely from recycled metal, the guitars have parts from both car and motorcycle engines.

Currently I am exploring the process of metal forging with the aim of incorporating it into future projects, therefore, adding another dimension to my artwork and evolving my artistic portfolio.